The CropTrak Mobile App

First released in 2010, this award-winning risk management app was designed from the ground up to allow farmers to collect the data from their fields and make sure it got back to the office. It was one of the first agricultural data apps for the then brand new iPhone (a year before the iPad).

Today’s version 8.0 is used by Fortune 500 enterprise agricultural and food companies in over 50 countries and works on all the iOS platforms. And does a whole lot more!

  • Collect real-time data from all of your agricultural locations including any IoT enabled equipment
  • Enter data against user-customizable forms
  • Create, assign, and track work orders
  • Capture and report people and equipment time
  • Report Sustainability, Food Safety, GAP, and much more.

Based on a spatial enabled Ledger Architecture, it not only collects the data – it enables audits, reporting, and keeps your data safe by noting.

  • Who collected it
  • Where it was collected
  • When it was collected
  • The weather when it was collected. 


Why CropTrak?


Military Grade Design

Built by innovative GIS software designers with a proven military design background where the software had to be rock steady!

Proven Track Record

Helping organizations meet their many varied data collection needs with a single, flexible framework that has been commercially tested and proven since 2009 by agriculture’s most respected names.


Customer Customizable

User-customizable “fit-for-purpose” tools for entering and consolidating data, enables clients to minimize training, maximize production, and protect their bottom line!


Farmer Approachable

We make it easy for your team to get started using CropTrak with our Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced video training series, and full featured Support Portal.

You Own Your Data!

CropTrak has no need or use for your data in our business model. You own the data you load at all times in whole, in parts, and any derivatives. Learn more here.

Enjoy CropTrak’s Flexibility


Flexible Form

You design, update, and control!

Flexible Reporting

Web page and paper reports as custom as your operation.

Flexible Math

Your agronomic secret sauce in forms.

Flexible Lists

Pick lists and auto-populate lists as simple as Excel.

Flexible Units

Data entry, conversion, display in imperial, metric, and customized units.


Flexible Language

Custom language per user with translations control.