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HOW IT WORKS – Installation & Initial Download

This article includes detailed instructions (video & description/graphics) on downloading and installing the CropTrak Mobile App.

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1.      If You Are a First Time Apple User with a New Apple Device 

2.      Information to Get Started

3.      Ready your iPad

4.      Installing Mobile Application

5.      Using the CropTrak Mobile Application for the First Time

CropTrak Download & Installation from Cogent3D on Vimeo.


To get the most from this video, you are encouraged to view it full screen
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If You Are a First Time Apple User With a New Apple iOS Device:




If you receive an un-opened Apple device (iPad/iPhone) to use with CropTrak from your Admin/IT department that has not been setup for your use, complete the following steps:


  1. Once you power up your new Apple device, follow the screen-by-screen instructions for setting up your Apple device. For first time Apple device owners you can go here for a more detailed description on how to set up a new iPad/iOS devicethat you can use to guide you through this process.
  2. As part of that setup you will be prompted for an Apple IDin order to download any app (including CropTrak) from Apple’s App Store. You can not complete your device’s setup without an Apple ID. Unless otherwise prompted by your Admin/IT dept, if you already have an Apple ID, enter that ID and proceed to the steps below for installing CropTrak.
  3. If you do not have an Apple ID, or one has not be provided to you by your Admin, you will need to establish that. There is no cost to create an Apple ID, but you will need to associate a credit card with your account so you can make App Store purchases (even if you will never buy anything from the App Store). Follow the prompts on your device to set up your Apple ID. You cango here for more info on establishing an Apple ID.









Creating a new Apple ID when setting up your Apple device





Information To Get Started:




You must have the following from your system administrator:


  1. Your User Name(usually the first initial of your name and your last name).
  2. Your Password– KEEP IN A SAFE PLACE.
  3. Your Domain Key– An alphanumeric set that is unique for every authorized device – this is NOT a URL.




Ready Your iPad:




Update iPad: It is best if you update your device to the most current version of the iOS operating system.




Please note that Version 10 of CropTrak and beyond require iOS 11 at a minimum. Also note that older iOS devices may not support iOS11 and will be unable to install or run CropTrak 9 and beyond.




iPad Device Name: Do NOT use an apostrophe in your device name. For example, do not use “KB Farm’s iPad” instead, use “KB Farms iPad




Uninstall Existing Mobile Application: If you have the application already installed on the device (using the trial database for example), uninstall it before proceeding. To uninstall the app, press and hold your finger on the application icon until it starts ‘shaking’. Press the ‘X’ and acknowledge the decision to uninstall the app.




Installing Mobile Application:   




From your iPad, go to the iTunes store – you will need to be logged into your iTunes account. Search for “CropTrak.” Download and install (it is a free application).




CropTrak Download from the Apple App Store


Select ‘Install’ when prompted. The installation will be on your device’s desktop after installation.



Using Mobile Application for the First Time:


  1. At the first use, you will initially be prompted to allow CropTrak to use Location Services– this is needed so CropTrak can tell where you are “in the field.” You will also be asked to allow CropTrak to Send You Notifications– this is so CropTrak can send you App related alerts. Select OK to both and the panels will close.
  2. You will then see the CropTrak Login panel. You will need to enter a Domain KeyUser Name, and Passwordwhich you should have received from your System Admin, or from one of the CropTrak staff upon your purchase. You must have connectivity (WiFi – be in a network) to complete these steps. Note that the capital letter ‘O’ is NOT used, so please use the number ‘0’ (zero) if you require it. The domain key entry is not case sensitive.

    CropTrak First Time Login Screen

  3. CropTrak will then show two (2) messages: Preparing Device for First Time Use and Authenticating.

    CropTrak First Time Login Screen

  4. If the authentication reports a failure, ensure that your device has access to a network. An easy way to check this is to open Safari and see if you can browse to a website. Also check your User NamePasswordand Domain Key If the device has access to a network, and authentication is failing, there is most likely a typographical error somewhere either in your login name or password.
  5. After it completes authentication, you will determine which database(s) you have access to (this should have been provided to you by the System Admin) and provide you with a list of those databases.

    CropTrak First Time Login Screen

  6. Select the database you want to download to your device and click DOWNLOAD. Your database will begin downloading.

    Select Database to Download

  7. When the download is complete, the DONEbutton will be present in the upper right corner of the download panel. Press DONE on this panel to close it.

    Database Done Downloading

  8. You will then be presented with the login panel, with the database name already filled in. Your artwork for the sign-in panel may look different from the one below based on your organization’s database. The actual spaces to fill in the information required are exactly the same in exactly the same locations regardless of the artwork.Enter your CropTrak username and password provided to you by your System Admin (the info you needed at the very beginning of this article), and press LOGIN.

    CropTrak Sign-In Screen

  9. After you tap LOGIN, the application will open to display the home screen and you should be ready to work.

    CropTrak Home Screen – You’re ready to work!




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