New to CropTrak? Get up and running quickly with our New User Series, and experience how our CropTrak Mobile App and CropTrak Web tools can maximize the efficiency of your organization’s data gathering, analysis and reporting efforts. Start by choosing the CropTrak tool that you want to learn about. Already familiar with CropTrak Tools, but you want to learn more? Scroll down under the Intro Series for an A-Z listing of topics as well as a section dedicated to System Administrators. As always, you can access our fully searchable support portal here.

Note that you will need a username and password to access the support portal – which you will be directed to get the first time you go to look at a video or article.


New users following this guided training system will learn all the basic functions (including installation) needed to be able to gather data with our app on your iPad.
Intro Series User Manual & Glossary of Terms (PDF) – a great reference resource for everything related to the CropTrak Mobile App including every menu and tool icon.

  1. OVERVIEW – Intro/Mobile Application Overview – this article, complete with graphics and explanations helps explain the basic concepts behind CropTrak and how to get the most out of the intro series.
  2. HOW IT WORKS – Installation & Initial Download – detailed instructions on downloading and installing CropTrak on your iOS device.
  3. HOW IT WORKS – CropTrak Mobile App User Interface – a tour of the CropTrak user interface including menu layout, iconography and basic operation.
  4. HOW IT WORKS – Syncing – learn how to sync CropTrak on your iPad to the cloud; uploading your data to the database and downloading your co-workers data.
  5. ASSETS – Asset Hierarchy and Adding a New Grower & Farm – details field hierarchy of CropTrak as well as how to add a new grower & farm to your database.
  6. ASSETS – Adding a New Asset – how to create a new asset layer and digitizing an asset into that layer.
  7. FORMS – DATA ENTRY – How to Fill Out a Form – an introduction to forms in CropTrak.
  8. FORMS – RAPID ENTRY – using templated forms with pre-populated values to speed form completion.
  9. FORMS – ACTION ITEMS – used to refer to simple “completable job” tasks that can be assigned to someone and then finished.
  10. ANNOTATIONS – Map Annotations – how to drop icons onto your map, complete with notes that can give information to your fellow users.
  11. WORKLISTS – Worklists for Users – Worklists give you a top-down view of your operation and give you asset-specific alerts to where there is work that needs to be done, and allow the user to easily fill out forms directly from the Worklist.


Get yourself quickly up and running with the User portion of CropTrak Web – our web based reporting system. Topics include signing in and the various ways to view, fill out and edit forms online.

CropTrak Web User Manual and Glossary of Terms (PDF) – a great reference resource for everything related to the user options in CropTrak Web.

  1. Signing into CropTrak – how to take your CTWeb URL, username and password, and sign into our web-based tool. Also discusses the main user options in CropTrak Web.
  2. Views – Dashboards – a report viewer which summarizes data for Actions, Planting & Harvesting, Weather, User Activity and Custom Reports.
  3. Views – Images – shows you how to view images collected in forms for selected assets. If you are an Enterprise customer, you can also open, view and edit the forms associated with those images.
  4. Views – Map – shows you how to view assets and measurements on a map for a visual survey of your data. In addition, you can view and add comments to the FIVs for those assets, and if you are an Enterprise customer you can also open and edit the forms associated with those assets.
  5. Views – Reporting Views – all about viewing and editing forms, starting with a listing of forms where there is at least one completed form.
  6. Data – Forms – shows you how to create a new instance of an existing form (fill out a new form) for an asset. You can also view and edit existing forms as well as create Broadcasts & Distribution lists.
  7. DATA – Worklists – CropTrak Web 6’s Worklists (based on UserFIVs – InfoViews) tool lets you do both task tracking and task management data entry from a tabular (spreadsheet-style) display at a very broad level across your organization. This feature can look at data you ask it to look at and provide a pathway to complete tasks based on that data.



Tap on the box below to see an alphabetical listing of the main features found in our tools. You can also search by keyword and tag on our online support portal.


Video and articles related to the Admin tools in both the Mobile App as well as CropTrak Web.
CropTrak Web Admin

  1. Administrator Notes – User Login and System Roles information.
  2. Working With Users and Devices & Keys – a video tutorial on how to use the Users Tab and the Devices & Keys Tab
  3. Introduction to User Tables Tab – a video introduction to the User Tables Tab
  4. App Images Tab – how to view and add icon images to the database.
  5. Configuration Tab – how to use several tools for admins who have integrated weather or use time sheets.
  6. Data Importer Tool – how to import data gathered by 3rd party methods into CropTrak Web.

CTAT (PC version)

  1. CTAT Overview – introduction and definition of terms.
  2. Form Builder Overview – a video introduction to the Form Builder toolbox.
  3. Form Builder – Creating Forms – how to use the Form Builder as well as some of the basic form items.

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