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Best Practices

getting the most out of CropTrak

Things You Should Do:

Save Stowed Forms Before SyncingStowed Forms are a cool new feature in CropTrak that allows you to have multiple, partially completed forms, “stowed” at the bottom of the main screen. They can make it easier to work on multiple forms simultaneously during a single session. But the data is only on the local device in a temporary state until it is SAVED. So one critical step in using stowed forms effectively is to SAVE them prior to syncing your device.

Stowed Forms (and the data in them) that are not saved prior to syncing will not have their data saved to the server – the rest of your organization will not have access to this data. Remember, saved forms (even if partially filled out) can be edited (updated) and even re-stowed using the Data Entry History tool.

(Admin) Roles and permissions, so selective sync will work best, should start with WHERE before you start doing WHAT.

WHERE being the grower, farm, fields people below too for their duties.
WHAT being the forms they can edit and see.
Make all fields on same type a layer use attributes to indenting them and differences.

Sync, Sync Often! We can’t stress this enough – one of the most common challenges faced by CropTrak users is related to a lack of timely syncing. Your organization should have a “best practices” standard for syncing on a planned regular basis.

CropTrak Sync Button

If you are not syncing your work from your iPad, you are NOT saving it to your organization’s database. This means if your iPad is damaged before a sync, you could lose all work you’ve done since the last sync. If you do not sync on a regular basis, your co-workers can not see the data that you’ve collected, nor you theirs.

It’s good to quit periodically. Periodically take the time to not only log out, but open the task manager and remove CropTrak from the task manager (RAM). This removes CropTrak from the iPad’s RAM, which can become fragmented over time.

Use the latest version of CropTrak Ensure you have installed and are using the latest version of CropTrak. We optimize the CropTrak to work with the latest iOS operating system. Updating your operating system without updating to the latest version of the app can lead to possible performance issues.

You can enable automatic updates of CT on your iOS device from within the Settings (Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> Updates). Note that this auto-update setting is a GLOBAL setting – it will automatically update all apps on your iOS device.

Run the Optimize utility. Periodically run the Optimize utility (link to video here) upon logging into CropTrak, but before you select the database to log into. Your database is stored on the device’s hard drive and with a lot of data entry, this can become fragmented on the disk. Running Optimize will ensure the database on the disk is saved in the best fashion/condition it can be, thus mitigating any possible application errors that may result from a fragmented database on disk.

When CropTrak crashes In the unlikely event you do experience a crash while using CropTrak, before re-starting the app, remove it from Task Manager (double-click on the power button and slide the app up), and then log back in. You should also perform a sync as soon after as possible as most crashes result in an event log that is sync’d to the master database and examined by the support staff. This typically results in bug fixes and ruggedization enhancements in the app, with no further effort on the user’s part.

Things You Should NEVER Do:

(Admin) Don’t Make Every Field An Individual File! Make all fields on same type a layer use attributes to indenting them and differences.

Too many open apps on your iPad can slow it down Don’t have a bunch of apps running on your device. While CropTrak will run just fine with other apps in the background, it runs best by itself. By design, iOS will try and keep as many apps loaded on the device’s RAM as possible. That way they will open quicker when you tap on the app. In most all cases, this saves less than an eye blink – ie you won’t notice.

CropTrak can be RAM intensive, particularly if you are using forms with many form items, taking a lot of pictures, etc. By removing all other apps – even email and the phone – you are decreasing the opportunity for sluggish performance and defects while using CropTrak. Older devices only have 512 Mb of RAM, and newer devices have only 1 Gb RAM. You can double tap the home button, and swipe away the other apps from the task manager (RAM) – easy