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Bryce Jones joins CropTrak sales team!

CropTrak welcomes Sales Engineer Bryce Jones!

CropTrak, a leading global SaaS platform utilized for enterprise farm, food and compliance data capture and reporting, is pleased to announce that Bryce Jones has joined our team as a Sales Engineer.

Growing up in rural eastern North Carolina, Bryce has long understood the importance of agriculture and what it takes to get the job done at the farm gate.  After obtaining an Accounting degree from East Carolina University he began his career in the Ag retail sector.  There he worked in many areas of the business pertaining to inventory management, seed processing, and internal programs with a main concentration in precision ag technologies deployment. 

Bryce worked closely with growers assisting them with agricultural technologies on their own farming operations and showing them the value in the data collection process.  Through Croptrak, Bryce was able to position the tool down at the grower level to help minimize their cumbersome data collection process by simplifying the way data was gathered and reported.  Along with experience in grower relations, Bryce also holds a certificate of completion from the digital Precision Agriculture program at Purdue University.

If you would like more information about our solutions for your unique data collection, management and reporting challenges, please contact Bryce at Bryce@CropTrak.com.

Del Monte Taps CropTrak for Field Gate to Farm Plate Accountability

Sustainability audit demands and traceability requirements are rising for food processors as food distributors and retailers increasingly require more information on farming inputs, their impact and traceability of raw materials through the supply chain. 

For Del Monte Foods, this requires a solution that allows for convenient in-field collection of data in specialty crop fields across the U.S., and the ability to connect with processing and warehouse systems to actualize data to support reporting, traceability and compliance needs. 

Convenient, Mobile On-Farm Data Collection

Del Monte employs CropTrak as its platform for full-scale, on-farm data collection and tracking. CropTrak’s intuitive, map-centric platform works on mobile devices and disconnected, simplifying near real-time data collection regardless of field location. The platform allows users to easily customize how data is formatted to make better strategic business decisions and satisfy verification and reporting requirements.

Del Monte is taking advantage of these features to allow field personnel to collect data fast and easily to inform field selection at contracting and track yields when raw products are weighed at Del Monte’s processing facilities.

Improved Traceability, Reporting & Compliance

CropTrak is also working to link field data with Del Monte’s current processing and warehouse systems so recall or complaint concerns can be addressed immediately. Del Monte believes the resulting data will be the most comprehensive in the industry, allowing for seamless data transfers to address customer audits, sustainability reporting requirements and compliance requirements.

According to Del Monte, “Costco, Walmart and Sysco are all looking for documentation for sustainability and traceability initiatives. We are looking to CropTrak to provide the information in a functional format, while hoping to reduce time commitments involved in gathering data.”


Del Monte also sees CropTrak’s exclusive global insurance partnership with Sompo International, inclusive of ARMtech Insurance Services, as a way to help growers satisfy crop insurance compliance demands in the future. In addition, they are working with CropTrak to deploy an innovative Del Monte grower portal where all collected data is housed for convenient 24/7 access.

While CropTrak allows users to customize how data is collected and formatted to meet their unique business needs, it is easily deployed. The CropTrak platform requires no coding experience and offers ERP compatibility, which is often a welcome benefit for overburdened IT departments.


Built by innovative GIS software designers with a proven military design background, CropTrak leverages its history in delivering military solutions to offer industry-leading data security.

To learn more, visit https://www.croptrak.com