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Stewart Dainty
becomes CropTrak’s
Director of Key Accounts!

CropTrak, a leading global SaaS platform utilized by Agribusiness and Food Companies to capture and report compliance data, is pleased to announce that it has hired Stewart Dainty as Director, Key Accounts.

Stewart is based out of Des Moines, Iowa and brings 25 years of agricultural industry experience in data and engineering analytics technology to CropTrak. He began his career with a degree in Finance (Analytics) from Iowa State University, supported by extensive coursework in Architecture, Engineering, and History. All have proved useful. For nearly his entire career Stewart has been working on improvements to agricultural processes, designs, and information (through data collection, analysis, and visualization).  

He has enjoyed both sales and leadership roles (with companies such as John Deere and Proagrica) and is always focused on the client’s intrinsic needs to add value to their business. His background in multi-dimensional data sciences helps him to understand how CropTrak’s solutions can best be delivered to each unique client.

Stewart is passionate about helping client companies achieve outstanding business results with our technology.  He shares our perspective that we deliver great technology (from great people) to provide high value to key members of the Agriculture Industry. Contact him today to find out how he is helping CropTrak find solutions for our enterprise customers!

To learn more about the new CropTrak enterprise accounts team and how they can help you maximize efficiencies and provide further insights within your Agriculture-related business, send a note to Hello@CropTrak.com.

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