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CropTrak Named Top 5 Tech Companies!

We are reluctant to toot our own horn, but we love it when other folks do it for us! CropTrak is proud to announce that we’ve been named as being one of the top 5 tech startup companies in Tucson, AZ by the Tech Tribune. This is actually the 2nd year in a row that we have received this honor.

In doing their research into the very best tech startups in Tucson, AZ, the Tech Tribune considered several factors including:

– Revenue Potential
– Leadership Team
– Brand/Product Traction
– and Competitive Landscape

Upon receiving this honor, CropTrak’s president Aaron Hutchinson said “thank you to the Tech Tribune for this honor and recognition. CropTrak is committed to creating and providing a true enterprise-level agriculture data management platform that allows Enterprise Food and Enterprise Ag companies to easily collect, monitor, and report on the health of their business, crops growing, and the food we ultimately eat.”

Your can read the entire article in the Tech Tribune.

Do You Need a Personal Assistant?

We all wish we could have a personal assistant (P.A.) to make our daily work lives easier. The good news is CropTrak can give you a virtual P.A. by leveraging a whole suite of tools that allow you to easily automate tasks including alerts, reports, broadcasts and more.

Here’s a quick list of some of the top tools in CropTrak that will make your job easier today:

Mobile Feature InfoViews (FIVs) – these in-app mini-reports are a very powerful way to monitor and compare recent data without having to go to an external reporting solution. More info on our support portal.

Mobile FarmEngine – lets you automatically identify which fields need to have things done, drop a pin on the map and color-code those fields – even send yourself an email reminder or text message when things are overdue. FarmEngine is a decision support platform designed to help users make repeatable and timely decisions. Just set up the rules (no programming required) and let CropTrak do the work.  More info on our support portal.

Action Items & Work Orders – forget having to send a memo and remembering to follow up on that memo. In-app Action Items & Work Orders function as direct “heads-up” indicators that allow you to assign “completable job” tasks with deliverable deadlines. More info on our support portal.

Web Dashboards – the main feature of our newly released CropTrak Web, dashboards give you an immediate view of the health of every facet of your organization. These can be viewed on a form, map or image basis. More info on our support portal.

Web Broadcasts – never again will you have to manually send reports to a list of recipients by hand. CropTrak Web allows you to set up automated broadcasts to any number of distribution lists. More info on our support portal.

Mobile Worklists – See a grid table view of work, status, and values to speed you thru a days work and make sure you never miss a task again. Part of the Spring 2019 release.

As with all things CropTrak, don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any questions you might have about configuring your own CropTrak personal assistant!

Four Methods for Controlling Layers in CropTrak

One of the bedrock principles of CropTrak is how assets and layers are handled in the app. The ability to turn layers on and off allows users to quickly see how various assets are behaving. However once we get to know the app, most folks tend to use the same methods to turn layers on and off. But there are four methods for layer display control within the app including some which may make your app experience even better:

  1. At the Ranch/Field Level – the most basic method for layer display control. This is accessed by navigating to the field level of the app, and using either the “Geometry Visible” button, or scrolling down to the list of layers associated with the farm to turn on/off a single layer.
  2. At the Farm Level – backing out of the Ranch/Field level to the Farm level, we can see the Asset List (Ranches/Fields) associated with the farm. If we tap on the “hamburger” icon (the three horizontal lines to the right of the Farm name), we will open up a menu with layer controls. The Layers Visible toggle functions the same way the Geometry Visible toggle works when we directly selected the farm name.
  3. At the Grower Level – Backing out to the Grower level displays the Asset List (Farms) associated with the Grower. If we tap on the “hamburger” icon for the selected grower, we open the layer controls menu for the grower (the menu looks identical to that seen on the farm level). Turning the Layers Visible toggle to ON will display ALL the assets associated with ALL the farms belonging to the Grower.
  4. Via the Asset Selection Filter – The last main way that you can turn layers on/off is via the Asset Selection Filter which is accessed via the “Funnel” icon at the middle of the very top most menu in CropTrak.

CropTrak has created a detailed set of “how-to’s” on our support portal which explains everything related controlling the display of layers within the app. You can access the support article on that here.

As with all things CropTrak, don’t hesitate to contact our support team with any questions you might have about this cool feature!