FIVs, iOS11™ and Smart Punctuation…

FIVs, iOS11™ and Smart Punctuation

There is a potential challenge in the CropTrak mobile app for iOS 11 users when entering FIV formulas. By default, iOS 11 is using the ‘fancy’ slanted single quotes format. This is referred to as ‘smart’ quotes. 

Example of ‘fancy’ quotes in a FIV formula (BAD):
WHEN {X} = “Yes” THEN “Go”

When this occurs, it currently results in an error when a FIV item complex formula is assessed as it is expecting ‘straight’ single quotes.

Example of ‘straight’ quotes in a FIV formula (GOOD):
WHEN {X} = “Yes” THEN “Go”

To Fix This Issue:

  1. This can be turned off on iOS11 devices by going to Settings > General > Keyboard (see above graphic).
  2. Toggle off Smart Punctuation.
  3. After making this change, remove the CropTrak mobile app from the Task Manager (double click on the home button to display all open apps, and slide the app upwards).
  4. Now restart CropTrak.