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CropTrak’s CLU & Other Data Imports
How to import these shapefiles as assets you can fill out forms against!

Did you know? In addition to being able to import Shapefiles & Rasters both from Dropbox and locally (via iTunes), you can also import shapefile data (including CLU and County/State Boundaries) that CropTrak has gathered on it’s servers. CLU imports allow you import boundaries for your field or farm rather than having to manually enter that data.

Part of the U.S. Farm Bill of 2008 required that the Federal Government establish a database of the dimensions of all insured fields & farms in the United States. The results are call CLU or Common Land Units. CropTrak has stored this database along with County and State Boundaries in a server that is available to CropTrak customers.

Click on the video link above to watch a detailed step-by-step tutorial on CLU imports in CropTrak. Go to the support article for this topic on our support portal for a detailed written explanation (complete with step-by-step graphics) to learn even more!

As always, check our website CropTrak.com for all the news about CropTrak’s ever growing capabilities and how they can help your organization farm smarter!

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