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5 Things You Can Do To Help CropTrak Run Smoother
CropTrak Good Practices!


From our CropTrak Success Team here are the top five suggestions for making your CropTrak experience a good one:

1. LOG OUT – Once a week take the time to not only log out, but open the task manager and remove CropTrak from the task manager (RAM). To do this, double-click on the iPad home button which displays all your open apps, and then swipe up on the CropTrak app. This removes the app from the device’s RAM, which can become fragmented over time. 

2. USE THE LATEST VERSION OF CROPTRAK – We are constantly updating CropTrak to add new features, fix minor bugs, improve performance, and stay compliant with the latest Apple iOS updates.. To make sure you are using these new features and the best performance, check that you have installed the latest version of CropTrak.

TIP – You can enable automatic updates on your iPad by going to the Settings App (Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> Updates). Note that this will globally turn on updates for ALL your apps.

3. OPTIMIZE YOUR DATABASE – Periodically run the Optimize utility (excellent video on this topic here). Your database is stored on the device’s local hard-drive and with a lot of data entry, this can become fragmented affecting data access performance. Running Optimize will ensure the database on the disk is efficiently organized, mitigating fragmentation and maximizing performance of the database..

4. IF CROPTRAK CRASHES – In the unlikely event you do experience a crash while using CropTrak, before re-starting the app, remove it from Task Manager (see suggestion #1 above), then log back in. You should also perform a sync as soon after as possible as most crashes result in an event log being created that is sync’d to the master database and examined by the support staff. This typically results in bug fixes and ruggedization enhancements in the app, with no further effort on the user’s part.

5. SYNC, SYNC OFTEN – We can’t stress this enough – one of the most common challenges faced by CropTrak users is related to a lack of timely syncing. Your organization should have a “best practices” standard for syncing on a planned regular basis. Some customers sync at breakfast, lunch, and dinner; others sync when they leave the field. Just using a regular syncing standard will assure your data is available for reports and safe in the cloud.

CropTrak Sync Button

TIP – If you are not syncing your work from your iPad, you are NOT saving it to your organization’s database. This means if your iPad is damaged before a sync, you could lose all work you’ve done since the last sync. If you do not sync on a regular basis, your co-workers can not see the data that you’ve collected, nor you theirs.

For more “Good Practices” (as well as a few things you NEVER want to do…), go to the CropTrak’s “Good Practices” Page.

As always check our website CropTrak.com for all the news about CropTrak’s ever growing capabilities and how they can help your organization farm smarter!

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