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Stowed Forms & Syncing in CropTrak
Save Stowed Forms prior to Syncing your iPad!


Syncing is the way you save all the data that you’ve collected via CropTrak on your iPad. You must sync your database to upload any changes you have made or to download any changes other people have made. But until you sync your device to the database server (via the internet), the data ONLY exists on your iPad. With this in mind…


Stowed Form icon that appears on the bottom of your main screen

Stowed Forms are a cool new feature in CropTrak that allows you to have multiple, partially completed forms, “stowed” at the bottom of the main screen. They can make it easier to work on multiple forms simultaneously during a single session. But the data is only on the local device in a temporary state until it is SAVED. So one critical step in using stowed forms effectively is to SAVE them prior to syncing your device.

Stowed Forms (and the data in them) that are not saved prior to syncing will not have their data saved to the server – the rest of your organization will not have access to this data. Remember, saved forms (even if partially filled out) can be edited (updated) and even re-stowed using the Data Entry History tool.

So the two takeaways from this “Did You Know” post are:

1. Syncing is the way you SAVE the data that
you’ve collected in the field to the Cloud Server.

No Sync = No Save!!!

2. Stowed Forms MUST be saved prior to syncing
to share the data in those forms.

Unsaved Stowed Forms =
Data Not Synced to Server!

For more information on working with stowed forms in CropTrak, go to the CropTrak’s Support Portal to see a detailed written explanation complete with graphics.

As always check our website CropTrak.com for all the news about CropTrak’s ever growing capabilities and how they can help your organization farm smarter!

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