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Precision Agwired Talks About
CropTrak’s Continued Steady Success
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In an industry where tech start-ups abound, CropTrak is a self-made success story in the precision ag space by simply selling a good product that people want to buy.

VP of Sales Jonathan Sherrill at InfoAg 2017

The company started in 2009 and has just continued to grow year after year “with a little rinky dink booth at InfoAg” and little to no marketing, as VP of sales Jonathan Sherrill told attendees during a session at the 2017 InfoAg Conference. “Most people don’t know that we are entirely self-funded and have been self-funded since 2009,” said Sherrill.

CropTrak creates software that focuses on improving customer efficiency in data collection, management, reporting, and results while helping produce safer food and Sherrill says they have never offered a “freemium” product to attain over 500 paying customer companies with a software and services renewals rate of 96 percent. “We’ve maintained that for 6-7 years running,” Sherrill said.

Learn more about CropTrak in the video above of Sherrill’s session at InfoAg.

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