Did You Know? CropTrak’s New Knowledge Base


CropTrak’s New Knowledge Base
Everything you need to know to succeed with CropTrak!

We’re not going to lie – CropTrak is a powerful Fit-For-Purpose™ tool, and it’s customization abilities means it has depth. CropTrak wants you to succeed with both this tool and your organization’s goals.

CropTrak’s new Knowledge Base webpage is a guided tour of our support portal and is part of our ever expanding effort to help you integrate CropTrak into your daily workflow. We hope the Knowledge makes your learning experience easier and more fruitful. If you can’t find what you need, access our fully searchable support portal here.

SO CHECK IT OUT! We encourage new users to run through the video training series listed there, and for seasoned tool users to check back often for all the new features and updates. Administrators should check back often for new tools and how-to’s especially for you. 

As always check our website CropTrak.com for all the news about CropTrak’s ever growing capabilities and how they can help your organization farm smarter!

Did You Know? Five “Must Dos” in CropTrak

5 Things You Can Do To Help CropTrak Run Smoother
CropTrak Good Practices!


From our CropTrak Success Team here are the top five suggestions for making your CropTrak experience a good one:

1. LOG OUT – Once a week take the time to not only log out, but open the task manager and remove CropTrak from the task manager (RAM). To do this, double-click on the iPad home button which displays all your open apps, and then swipe up on the CropTrak app. This removes the app from the device’s RAM, which can become fragmented over time. 

2. USE THE LATEST VERSION OF CROPTRAK – We are constantly updating CropTrak to add new features, fix minor bugs, improve performance, and stay compliant with the latest Apple iOS updates.. To make sure you are using these new features and the best performance, check that you have installed the latest version of CropTrak.

TIP – You can enable automatic updates on your iPad by going to the Settings App (Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> Updates). Note that this will globally turn on updates for ALL your apps.

3. OPTIMIZE YOUR DATABASE – Periodically run the Optimize utility (excellent video on this topic here). Your database is stored on the device’s local hard-drive and with a lot of data entry, this can become fragmented affecting data access performance. Running Optimize will ensure the database on the disk is efficiently organized, mitigating fragmentation and maximizing performance of the database..

4. IF CROPTRAK CRASHES – In the unlikely event you do experience a crash while using CropTrak, before re-starting the app, remove it from Task Manager (see suggestion #1 above), then log back in. You should also perform a sync as soon after as possible as most crashes result in an event log being created that is sync’d to the master database and examined by the support staff. This typically results in bug fixes and ruggedization enhancements in the app, with no further effort on the user’s part.

5. SYNC, SYNC OFTEN – We can’t stress this enough – one of the most common challenges faced by CropTrak users is related to a lack of timely syncing. Your organization should have a “best practices” standard for syncing on a planned regular basis. Some customers sync at breakfast, lunch, and dinner; others sync when they leave the field. Just using a regular syncing standard will assure your data is available for reports and safe in the cloud.

CropTrak Sync Button

TIP – If you are not syncing your work from your iPad, you are NOT saving it to your organization’s database. This means if your iPad is damaged before a sync, you could lose all work you’ve done since the last sync. If you do not sync on a regular basis, your co-workers can not see the data that you’ve collected, nor you theirs.

For more “Good Practices” (as well as a few things you NEVER want to do…), go to the CropTrak’s “Good Practices” Page.

As always check our website CropTrak.com for all the news about CropTrak’s ever growing capabilities and how they can help your organization farm smarter!

Did You Know? Stowed Forms & Syncing

Stowed Forms & Syncing in CropTrak
Save Stowed Forms prior to Syncing your iPad!


Syncing is the way you save all the data that you’ve collected via CropTrak on your iPad. You must sync your database to upload any changes you have made or to download any changes other people have made. But until you sync your device to the database server (via the internet), the data ONLY exists on your iPad. With this in mind…


Stowed Form icon that appears on the bottom of your main screen

Stowed Forms are a cool new feature in CropTrak that allows you to have multiple, partially completed forms, “stowed” at the bottom of the main screen. They can make it easier to work on multiple forms simultaneously during a single session. But the data is only on the local device in a temporary state until it is SAVED. So one critical step in using stowed forms effectively is to SAVE them prior to syncing your device.

Stowed Forms (and the data in them) that are not saved prior to syncing will not have their data saved to the server – the rest of your organization will not have access to this data. Remember, saved forms (even if partially filled out) can be edited (updated) and even re-stowed using the Data Entry History tool.

So the two takeaways from this “Did You Know” post are:

1. Syncing is the way you SAVE the data that
you’ve collected in the field to the Cloud Server.

No Sync = No Save!!!

2. Stowed Forms MUST be saved prior to syncing
to share the data in those forms.

Unsaved Stowed Forms =
Data Not Synced to Server!

For more information on working with stowed forms in CropTrak, go to the CropTrak’s Support Portal to see a detailed written explanation complete with graphics.

As always check our website CropTrak.com for all the news about CropTrak’s ever growing capabilities and how they can help your organization farm smarter!

Precision Agwired talks about CropTrak’s continued steady success!

Precision Agwired Talks About
CropTrak’s Continued Steady Success
(reprint of article – see original HERE)

In an industry where tech start-ups abound, CropTrak is a self-made success story in the precision ag space by simply selling a good product that people want to buy.

VP of Sales Jonathan Sherrill at InfoAg 2017

The company started in 2009 and has just continued to grow year after year “with a little rinky dink booth at InfoAg” and little to no marketing, as VP of sales Jonathan Sherrill told attendees during a session at the 2017 InfoAg Conference. “Most people don’t know that we are entirely self-funded and have been self-funded since 2009,” said Sherrill.

CropTrak creates software that focuses on improving customer efficiency in data collection, management, reporting, and results while helping produce safer food and Sherrill says they have never offered a “freemium” product to attain over 500 paying customer companies with a software and services renewals rate of 96 percent. “We’ve maintained that for 6-7 years running,” Sherrill said.

Learn more about CropTrak in the video above of Sherrill’s session at InfoAg.

CropTrak: InfoAg 2017 Takeaways

CropTrak: InfoAg2017 Takeaways
Technological innovation is leading Ag Industry changes.

Located in the historic Union Station in St. Louis, MO, InfoAg showcases the latest and greatest when it comes to PrecisionAg innovations for the row crop market. This year’s show was no exception in new ideas and upgrades. The major takeaway from InfoAg is that Agribusiness is drawing in huge amounts of IT solutions as the industry heads towards more technical/automated solutions. CropTrak is leading the way in that evolution.

Where is the industry heading? Many in the industry believe that the next generation of Agribusiness leaders will not only be heavily invested in the fine details of their technical solutions, but they will also be the ones pushing the industry for even better dynamic solutions including data mining, custom enhancements, real-time dashboards, etc.

How is CropTrak leading the way? CropTrak has been an innovator in mobile farm data management software since it started in 2009. Our founders came from the world of military GIS software where the software has to work absolutely every time and not lose data. Our background shows in the CropTrak mil-grade design and its robust set of features. Also in how we work with our customers to allow them to “farm their way.”

Our application connects people, machines, and sensors with a single customer tailored software package. CropTrak is the industry leader in flexible and custom deployable software solutions, by enabling zero-coding custom deployments based on how each team works, changes that include custom forms, reporting, dashboards, and more. This ability to tailor the app without coding is not an add-on capability – it’s built into the program and provided to every customer.


  • Use MyJohnDeere (and other equipment manufacturer’s) data in CropTrak
  • Scout planting and harvest zones
  • Print plant and harvest filings
  • COMING SOON! – Follow progress in the new CropTrak developed Web Reporting Dashboards.

See what it is like to farm your way by contacting our sales team for a demonstration.