CropTrak Web Released

CropTrak Web First Tabs Released to Clients

CropTrak is happy to say that our user base now has access to the first few tab of the new CropTrak Web software.

What is it?

CropTrak Web is the new web-based version of the CropTrak application administration and customization tool (CTAT). With CropTrak Web you will be able to manage users, assets, roles, permissions, and all the other CTAT functions your used to having, plus there will be advanced functions for web-based data collection, data cleaning, and dashboard reporting.

CropTrak Web is being developed in phases, with the initial release rolled out this month which has USER MANAGEMENT functions and ACTIVATION KEY MANAGEMENT functions only. Additional functions will release over time to enhance your efficiency.

What about CTAT?

You may be familiar with the current application editor called CTAT. While we will continue to support CTAT in 2017, it is being retired and replaced with this new browser-based application that you’ll be able to use from any device that has an internet connection and a compatible browser.  In particular, the form editor function will be called CropTrak App Editor and come with new advanced features in addition to CropTrak Web features provided to everyone.

What’s Next?

The great thing about web development is that we can make the new stuff available to you as soon as it’s ready – no waiting for a version to get released through a store. So, keep an eye out for notifications in the coming months. We’ll announce periodic updates as new functions are available.

As always, if you have questions or need assistance, contact us at

CropTrak Web Forms

Populate CropTrak Data Forms from your Desktops in the Office, Lab, Greenhouse, Anywhere

CropTrak customers have asked us to allow their office, lab, and warehouse staff to fill out data forms from a desktop.  In response, CropTrak Version 8 brings CropTrak dynamic forms technology to CropTrak Web for our Enterprise level customers, making it possible to do data entry and editing from any internet connected web browser, wherever that might be.

Can I enter data from my desktop?  Yes. CropTrak Web lets you enter form data using your desktop mouse and keyboard when connected to the internet.  You can also see data entered by mobile platform as it was displayed on the mobile platform.  CropTrak Web uses the same code and technologies as CropTrak mobile.

Do I have to create new web forms?  No. CropTrak Web was designed to add more data management capabilities and not more administrative work. CropTrak web uses the same form definition files and technology as the award-winning mobile app, so the new web forms already work with your existing forms, data, and cloud databases. They also already adhere to your current roles and permissions, just like the mobile app.

Do I need an internet connection?  Yes. CropTrak Web is a web app, so you will need a continuous web connection to use the new tool. In contrast, our native iOS mobile app works both when connected and disconnected from the internet.

Is CropTrak Web safe?  Yes. CropTrak Web limits your users from accessing data that does not belong to them. CropTrak web adheres to the user admin settings for login, roles, and permissions already set up in your cloud database for your mobile users, limiting the forms, geometry, and editing capabilities per user, just like the mobile platform. Data at rest and in movement is always encrypted to protect it.

Can I see data collected by the mobile users in CropTrak Web and vice versa?  Yes. CropTrak web connects to the same cloud database as CropTrak mobile, so anything entered on either platform will be available to the other. Being continuously connected means your changes are instantly available and you always see the latest changes. CropTrak Web even has a new search capability to find forms fast and easily.

Do work orders and action items work on CropTrak Web?  Not yet. Rapid entry, Action items, and Work orders are not enabled in the first release. Look for more capabilities in future versions released in 2017.

Can I export collected data from CropTrak Web?  Yes. CropTrak Web does allow you to export data into a number of open formats. It also has a built-in dashboard capability for reporting on common farming management information.

How do I enable CropTrak Web?  CropTrak Web is one of several new Enterprise Level tool capabilities in 2017. If you currently do not have an Enterprise contract, talk to your salesperson to learn more.

CropTrak Data is Even Safer

CropTrak is Always Working to Protect Your Data  

Recently released CropTrak version 8 takes our military grade technology to the next level in protecting your data. Now the data you enter into forms is saved, so you can stop the app, crash the app, and restart where you left off.

How does it work?

While in the field, minimize the form or push the app into the background. By doing so, the data in the form is saved to protect your labor, and when you open the form again the data is already filled out. When you are done with the form, push save as normal, and the data goes to the cloud during your next sync.

To learn more, contact your sales team member: