CropTrak Weather Upgrade

Since 2010 CropTrak has had a Weather option.  Weather is used in measurements, FIVs, and reporting.  Since the start of CropTrak, it has had a weather option available for our clients around the world and from a respectable source.  That source has been Weather Underground from The Weather Channel.  This product is a consumer-level API with an industry unique capability of supporting hundreds of commercial weather stations.

However, earlier this year IBM purchased The Weather Company which owns Weather Underground as well.  IBM is moving the capabilities of Weather Underground and matching it with IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence engine under a new Enterprise level API called SUN.

To provide our customers the highest performance and most advanced weather available.  CropTrak is upgrading our weather API from Weather Underground API to the IBM SUN API on November 1st, 2016.

CropTrak wanted it to be easy for our clients to take advantage of the new API and future weather forecasting capabilities coming from IBM Watson. Working with IBM, we can provide to our customers blocks of 50 weather stations worth of weather for $250/year.  So only $10 more per year than you pay to Weather Underground today.  The difference is you pay CropTrak directly one year at a time.

CropTrak is excited to upgrade our services and keep the costs in check.