Diversified  Crop  Insurance  Services  (DCIS)  President,  Ron  Miiller,  announced  today  that  an  agreement  was made  to  form  a  strategic  partnership  with  CropTrak,  an  innovative  software company  whose  focus  is  streamlining  the data  collection  process,  protecting  the client’s data,  and  helping  farmers  simplify the preparation of regulatory, compliance, vendor, and farm specific reports.

“Forming  this  relationship  with  CropTrak  enables  us  to  continue  to  provide  World  Class  service  to  our  agents and  farming  customers,”  provided  Jeff  Baumgart,  DCIS  National  Marketing  Manager.  With  continued  need for  more  detailed  reporting  processes  required  for  federal  programs,  DCIS  is  taking  a  proactive  approach  to assisting  farmers  with  the  collection  and  organization  of  that  data  by  working  directly  with  CropTrak  to provide  farmers  with  an easy  to  use  mobile FMIS application which  will  communicate  directly  with  the  DCIS  Crop Insurance Advantage  (CIA)  program.

“We  are  delighted  to  work  with  a  company  and  staff  who  put  America’s  farmers  first,”  said  Miiller.  “Working together,  we  can  combine  the  data  collected  through  CropTrak  with  the  expertise  of  our  crop  insurance specialists  to  help  farmers  find  solutions  that  best  fit  the  needs  of  their  operations.  It’s  a  win-win  and  another reason  why  DCIS  is  one  of  the  fastest  growing  crop  insurance  providers  in  the  industry.”

Customers  of  DCIS  can anticipate the full  integration  of  this  added  benefit  for  the  2017 season.CGB  –  Diversified  Services  is  headquartered  in  Jacksonville,  Illinois.  The  company  is  part  of  the  Federal  Crop

CGB  –  Diversified  Services  is  headquartered  in  Jacksonville,  Illinois.  The  company  is  part  of  the  Federal  Crop Insurance  system  and  services  policies  in  48  states.  They  offer  a  wide  range  of  services  which  includes  crop insurance,  risk  management,  and  grain  marketing  expertise.  Diversified  Crop  Insurance  Services  is  an  equal opportunity  provider.

ARMtech Partners with CropTrak

To Provide Mobile Farm Management Information System

The CropTrak FMIS is a native application for almost all mobile devices and is designed for use in the field with or without cellular service. ARMtech agents will be able to utilize the system to download information from AgriNet®, increasing the efficiency of the acreage and production reporting processes. In addition to reporting, the application has been enhanced to facilitate the explosion in precision agriculture for use in USDA programs.

Referencing the cutting-edge technology, ARMtech Vice President of Systems and Software Jay Rushing commented, “The CropTrak system is one of the most innovative products we have seen and complements our reputation as a technology leader in the crop insurance industry.  Given the complexity of the crop insurance program, it is almost unheard of for someone outside of the industry to develop a product to enhance our service delivery, but we believe CropTrak has done just that.”

Since 2009, Arizona-based CropTrak has developed its mobile FMIS to collect, protect, and report the electronic records associated with agronomy, food safety, compliance, and sustainability initiatives. They pride themselves on their success in reducing paper records, and by partnering with ARMtech, CropTrak will expand their capabilities with respect to selling and servicing crop insurance policies, a historically paper-intensive process.

Currently the fifth largest writer of federally sponsored crop insurance policies in the United States, ARMtech Insurance Services, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Endurance Specialty Holdings, Ltd.  ARMtech is committed to providing its agents and policyholders with innovative tools to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their operations.

“We at ARMtech are excited about the new capabilities that our partnership with CropTrak will provide,” said Michael Smith, CEO of ARMtech Insurance Services, Inc. “Not only does it build upon ARMtech’s reputation as an innovator in crop insurance technologies, but it gives us yet another platform our agents can use to service their customers both accurately and efficiently.”

ARMtech and CropTrak are working on the integration of the CropTrak product with AgriNet® and the new application is expected to be available to ARMtech agents beginning in 2017.

When Did Farming Become Paper Pushing

I’m drowning in paperwork is not limited to corporate America

With ever-growing regulations and a call for more transparency on food production from consumers, farmers are also on the verge of drowning in paperwork. But have no fear, CropTrak is here with a solution to assist growers streamline paperwork and InfoAg 2016 attendees learned all about it in the presentation, “When Did Farming Become Paper Pushing,” presented by Jonathan Sherrill with CropTrak during the show this week in St. Louis, Missouri.

Read about it here: http://agwired.com/2016/08/05/croptrak-provides-paperwork-streamlining-solution/