CropTrak adds Chemicals Labels and Label Checks

CropTrak adds Chemical label and label checks to mobile platform

CropTrak engineering working with CDMS, Inc is bringing chemical labels and label checking to your next spray application task.   Using the accurate label library of CDMS for EPA and non-EPA chemicals and nutrient applications allows farming, environmental, regulatory, AgRetailers, and others to more smartly select and document the chemicals that are being applied, when, where, weather, by whom, and so much more.

Water safety, environment safety, and customer safety means that spray applications need to be the right type, amount, and application method.  Working with some of our largest customers and CDMS, we are bringing the tools they use to verify a chemical can be used in a region, applied for the problem, does not exceed maximum application allowed, and if allowed to be mixed with other chemicals in the spray tank to all of our customers as an upgrade option.

Chemical work orders require that you are using our CropTrak COMPLETE product family of tools to purchase this new option.  With this tool, you can schedule and assign an application, check the mix tank, and print out the paperwork to support regulatory filings and notices. You can even leverage the AI (artificial intelligence) and weather tools in CropTrak to help automate the notification of when to apply, flag the area for no re-entry, time to apply the second treatment, and so much more.

Contact your CropTrak sales person at to learn more about this new option coming this fall.

CropTrak Working Quietly and Gets New Look

It’s CropTrak now (not iCropTrak) as the company has changed the name slightly. You will see it on full display at the upcoming InfoAg Conference in St. Louis, MO. I’ll be there and will stop to visit CropTrak and I hope you will too.

I visited with Jonathan Sherrill, Central Business Lead at CropTrak / Cogent3D, Inc., to find out what the company has been up to lately. I wanted to get the full preview of what they will unveil at InfoAg but we’re just going to have to wait for the show to see that. However, what Jonathan told me is that the company has had a single-minded focus on customer needs to solve problems and not just create new technologies to help sell more chemicals, seed, and services. Those problems they’ve been solving involve the large amount of paperwork that farmers have to do today. Depending on the crop there can be a vast amount of paperwork today that includes insurance forms, n-application forms, water use forms. Just forms, forms, forms!

You can listen to my interview with Jonathan here to learn more about what CropTrak is doing: JONATHAN SHERRILL, CROPTRAK